Ask4study team have burned a lot of midnight oil to design these spectrums of offering which will empower students to bag that dream job. The organic balance of lessons on soft skill, self presentation and personality enhancement, ask4study .


Learning is a continuous process and the way towards progressive future. There is no denying of the fact that practice and only practice is the key towards perfect execution of your knowledge. ask4study is developed to tap the student’s potential and direct .


It is well accepted in the Industry that there is no alternative to fresh energetic talent from campus. However the gap between organizational expectations and the candidate’s profile is one of the most critical challenges HR faces during campus recruitment.


Seminar & Events

A step ahead from the rest will always keep you a step closer to success. That extra leverage is gained by advance knowledge of the field. Some insight which is beyond the curriculum yet they provide unparallel edge to the students. Here comes the very importance of seminars and events.

Ask4study’s wide network and tie-ups with industry leaders and corporate enable us to host seminars of superior quality for colleges /institutes. The professional operation processes, sophisticated aids, advance technology and extremely qualified presenter make the event not only enjoyable but also enrich them in terms of insight, understanding and advance knowledge. Conducting seminars regularly in colleges help the students enhance information on the specific topic. It also helps them channelize their own ideas to in a constructive manner.

They will start thinking about new things which they think could be implemented practically. Through conducting seminars they can make others understand what is their idea is all about. Another way of properly utilizing the advantages of seminar is to give the students a chance to take seminar on their subject topics. This is turned out to be more effective in many educational institutions

Our expert team of ask4study designs seminar and events for colleges and institution providing the students with comprehensive, relevant, real-time information on various trend setting subjects. We also provide speakers and guest presenters as per college’s requirement enhancing student’s experience. Beside seminars, our vibrant and dynamic team also arranges perfect events and functions to brighten up the spirit and add colours in the student’s life.

Let’s add interactivity, real experience and practical knowledge to support student’s path of progress.

News & Events

The biggest and promising asset of India today is youth. No wonder today’s youth are going to play pivotal role is shaping up our nation’s fortune. But just like a responsible gardener every of these precious youths must be guided and nurtured in right direction.
It’s the endeavor of Ask4study team to arm the future young professionals with the right kind of skills, attitude and aptitude. Beside the academic courses, the graduates and fresher should know the industry trend, market objective and more closely their own career goal.
Ask4study closely analyzed today’s education system and have come up with sustainable progressive solutions bridging the gap between industry requirement and right professional. We have introduced a series of training program to enhance the right approach and insight among students helping them to land in their dream job. The highly qualified mentors and industry veterans will guide each of these young soon-to-be professionals breaking the entry barrier while learning the intricacies of professional career.
Our association with eminent corporate, institutions and organization provided an unparallel leverage while designing the training, sessions and workshops. Our exclusive program for graduate colleges, education institutes and professional colleges emphasizes the holistic growth of the student helping them to acquire the right professional job role.
Let’s not forget that, True learning is not achieved by-chance, it must be sought for with dedication and fortitude’

The primary aim of any form of education is to provide not a superficial development of the students, but to contribute for their holistic progression in any field of study. The entire concept of digital marketing course is based on the trends and ideas related to online marketing of products and services, and constructing a perfect platform for the students to understand the pros and cons of digital marketing procedures, target consumers, and generating business leads in the practical and industrial spheres.
The fundamental aim of most of the SEO course or digital media course is to make the students go through comprehensive and exclusive training programs which are designed to inculcate confidence, digital insights, and thorough knowledge in their minds. Ask4study engages eminent professors, experts in digital media, and distinguished luminaries in the field of digital marketing and corporate execution, support the students in the following manners:
  • PPC Training and digital promotion courses are explained in a most lucid fashion, and the students are prepared to face the most grueling interview sessions of their lives.
  • The students are more like the dormant matchsticks stuffed inside a matchbox. One proper spark can really channelize the flames in the proper direction. This is just what is provided by the digital media course coordinators in Ask4study.
  • Ask4Sudy caters to the growing demands of the digital marketing industry in Delhi NCR and tries to include a sense of immediacy among the students, so that they become well-conversant with the contemporary techniques of social media training and SMO course.
  • Quality analysis of various products, arranging and organizing database to channelize maximum potential benefit for the future industries, and the exact benchmarking of prospective customers and competitors are some of the elementary facets of any good institute that offers a comprehensive course on digital marketing, SEO services and social media marketing.

    It is one of the oldest maxims that ‘practice makes a man perfect’, and this proverb cannot be refuted in the digital world also. The aim of an inclusive digital education system is to generate a perfect amalgamation of talent, capability of taking risks, ability to discern the future market movements and understand the present deficiencies in organizational and digital structures. This is taught by the teachers and professionals, as part of the digital marketing course at Ask4Study. It can be concluded by saying that digital marketing is not at a nascent stage, but it is also not an entirely developed circuit. It is an ongoing process, encouraging students to learn, sharpen their skills, and be true achievers.

    It is almost a normal picture everywhere, that we consider the major search engines and the web portals as one of our most trustworthy friends, philosophers and guides. And very interestingly, the entire buzz about SEO training is based on this consideration of the proper utilization of the search engine and strategizing for the search engine in such a manner that they increase the visibility of a certain portal.
    The best digital training courses always try to focus upon the following, as a part of their SEO and digital marketing course holistically. Ask4study’s SEO tutorial essentially contains:
  • Teaching the students about the right keyword which can place a particular web page on the top listing of the websites. This depends on proper utilization of contents and other digital resources.
  • The institutional training programs are not limited only to students of BBA, BCA, MBA and MCA as mere course, but a successful completion of the training can also provide jobs to graduate students.
  • Practical tutorials about On-page and Off-page technicalities and behavioral analysis of major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. It also provides the basic ideas about the latest SEO technique and tools which really help students to understand the course better and also to look out for market opportunities. It helps candidates to avail some lucrative e-jobs in the digital market.
    Selecting a good institute for learning SEO, is really a tough job, because there are many institutes and tutorials which claim about delivering the best. But some institutes like Ask4study is among notable institutes in Delhi/NCR region which teaches the students the finer variety of SEO technique and the accumulation of maximum digital response with minimum time, effort and expenses. The course durations and course fees are within the reach of the students, so they can easily opt for the SEO course, while they are working somewhere or if they are fresher or students looking to step into job world.
    The best benefit of SEO training, that can perhaps, be expressed in a single sentence, and is that, it provides ready industrial exposure, experience and expertise for the students. These three ‘E’s are important as far as the future of the digital industry is concerned.
    Ask4study is one of its kind digital training institutes in Delhi/NCR which provides experienced faculties, market professionals, search engine experts, laboratory and computer facilities. The special link-ups with major consultancies and SEO companies ensure an all-round development of the students. Mobile SEO, preparing SEO reports and local SEO are also part of the SEO curriculum. Search Engine Optimization is no doubt the fundamental backbone of digital marketing, grab the opportunity and grow as a smart digital marketing professionals.